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Download Latest Version Of Opengl For Windows 7 neylhug




Hello, I'm looking for a online source that's available for windows that is similair to the Ubuntu repos. Ben64: but you can already say for sure that the problem is the driver you mentioned isomanik: (the site) Trudko, Ben64 : the problem is with the driver provided by the manufacturer for the ATI card. And there is no work around. ATI needs to provide the driver for this model. pragmaticenigma: thanks for the report that's all fine, but not really ubuntu support. it's not a supported ubuntu product the only solution I have found is to get a new card that isn't a low-mid range card pragmaticenigma: that's good advice, however it's not ubuntu support there is no ubuntu support for this sort of setup - if there is, it is not public it's an added burden though. I'm grateful for the information so ubuntu used to be the top distro, but its gone? isomanik: that is not what I said or meant isomanik: if someone builds ubuntu, they can't use it oh, OK. sorry. someone could build a solid state disk disk, and not use it hence the term "someone" not sure what you mean isomanik: you'd have to ask whoever made the website isomanik: I would suggest checking the site linked by pragmaticenigma i just want a list of links, kind of like an online guide for free software. if you want that, it's up to you to research There used to be a site that did that, before ubuntu. well that's the first time i've ever heard of the linux website there is no linux website




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Download Latest Version Of Opengl For Windows 7 neylhug

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