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Descargar E Instalar Kitserver Para Pes 6 11




Does anyone knows how to solve it? A: The error message was telling you the correct answer: This is not a supported method for adding non-tag repositories to your configuration. What's happening is that you have a valid xml file at /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nordcomp.list. That's the file that is supposed to define your sources.list file. However, the file's XML structure is not a valid definition for a sources.list. It is a valid definition for a sources.list.d configuration file. The web server is expecting a valid sources.list configuration file and it's giving an error when it gets an invalid one. You have a few options: Change the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nordcomp.list file to a valid sources.list Delete the nordcomp.list file Add the Nordcomp repository to your sources.list Add the Nordcomp repository to your sources.list.d Here is a good read about the difference between apt-get, apt-cache, and aptitude: Q: Most efficient way of storing data I have a 2D array: 0 0 1 0 2 1 3 2 4 3 5 4 which holds the indices of some data, it's basically a 2d matrix or grid. I want to store the data in such a way that is can be accessed quickly, which would be either like the table in excel (for columns and rows) or like the block (nxn blocks). For example, i have a function that takes as a parameter a x,y,x,y,x,y and so on and returns the value at that position. How should i store my data so that i can do this quickly? A: You can use the python dictionary as an associative array with multiple keys per value. If you have a key list: print(d[0,0,2,0,1,0,1,1,0]) print(d[2,1,1,1,0,





Descargar E Instalar Kitserver Para Pes 6 11

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