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Global Update: Updates on Human Rights.

1. The poisoning of Alexei Navalny

On 17th of August 2020, the Russian Lawyer turned political opposition leader was poisoned on his journey from Tomsk to Moscow with a suspected nerve agent. Navalny, who is well know for publicly speaking out against corruption in Russia, violations of human rights and President Vladimir Putin himself has now been successfully treated by doctors at Charité Hospital in Berlin, Germany. UN has imposed sanctions on Russian officials regarding Navalny's poisoning. Alexei Navalny continues to fight for justice and anti corruption today.


2. Formula 1 adds Saudi Arabia to its 2020 calendar.

The coronavirus pandemic had disrupted the formula 1 calendar of 2020, with drivers racing on both old and new tracks across the world. However, the addition of a night race in Saudi Arabia has caused many human rights groups to condemn the decision of the formula 1 officials due to the various human rights violations of Saudi Arabia.


3. Poland implements an abortion ban.

The government of Poland had initiated tighter restrictions on access to abortion in Poland. The decision which is yet to be implemented has been delayed due to the nationwide protests with many women and men marching on streets condemning both the government's and courts decision.


4. The unjust killing of George Floyd

The death of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American had sparked outrage across the United States. Floyd was detained by police officers outside a store, with one officer pressing his knee on his neck resulting in his death. The UN chief of Human Rights Michelle Bachelet had condemned the death, demanding authorities to take 'serious action' to prevent the killings of African Americans.

Written by

Harine Raaj

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