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The Environment- Global Human Rights Update

1. The UN launches a Human Rights inquiry into the Global Shipping industry.

The UNOHCR (United Nation’s Human Rights Agency) had launched an inquiry into the Global Shipping industry over the use of toxic fuels in the absence of consent. The investigation is said to lookinto all the individuals who have been affected by the toxic fuels including the residents of Solomon Island and Mauritius, in addition to, the individuals who may have been exposed to these hazardous substances while at sea.


2. The scrutinisation of textile industries over environmental and human rights concerns.

Many textile industries are facing immense pressure from both the Human Rights and Environmental communities over their environmental footprint. These industries have been immensely scrutinised by consumers, investors and regulators over their increasingly unethical and lack of environmentally friendly practises. They include, high shipping and production costs, anti eco-friendly clothing ranges and poor working conditions of many factory workers.


3. Lead poisoning in a Greek refugee camp.

There have been growing concerns in the Greek village of Mavrovouni over cases of lead poisoning, where an alert for investigation was initiated by the Human Rights Watch. The village which is set up as a refugee camp holds over 7,500 individuals, who are largely from Afghanistan and Syria. The camp has also been a hotspot for environmental racism, in which many of its residents have been impacted by the widespread of COVID-19.

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