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Vicki Prais is an internationally experienced human rights lawyer, with expertise in a range of issues, such as prisoners' rights and dignity behind bars. In this podcast, Vicki talks to us about her journey into law, her work as a human rights lawyer, and advice for young professionals.  

Vicki Prais and Katie Clark

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 Shaun Wallace is a renowned barrister as well as a TV quiz master in the tv show "The Chase". This podcast explains his journey into law and his preparations and methods when taking on a case. He also speaks about the mindset of a criminal barrister and what advice he would give to the younger generation.

Hosts: Megha Banerjee, Matthew Sheppard, Rahma Ferguson and Georgia Coull.

In todays episode, The Law Objective presents its latest podcast with a special guest Adeola Adelakun. Adeola is a lawyer, the co-founder of the fashion brand Cultureville and an alumni of the University of Aberdeen. She is also a triple qualified lawyer in England, Nigeria and New York. Here she discusses her journey to taking the New York bar and the barriers that she has faced.

Hosted by Harine Raaj 

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