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Why study law?

Studying a law degree provides you with an in depth knowledge of legal realm. Law is a subject that plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives. It is reinforced to us nearly every single day through various regulations and rules since we live in a society that is constantly changing. Not only that since it is a versatile course, it equips you with the necessary knowledge, and skill to become a successful lawyer.

Is law a hard degree?

Every degree has its own pros and cons. Since law is ranked as one of the prestigious degrees, it is a tough but satisfying degree at the same time. Depending on the law that you are studying and where you are going to study law, each University have their own teaching methods. This can include from reading textbooks, case law and statues to practical workshops such as mock trials. One top of this, many students often under take part time jobs, extra curricular activities and internships during their academic year. Therefore, it is important for you to manage your schedule as effectively as possible, in order to keep on top of your work. 

What societies can you join in law school?

Different universities have different societies for you to join. These are normally advertised during freshers week. Examples would include, Lawyers without Boarders, Commercial Law Society, Criminal law society, mooting and debating society etc. If you are not interested in joining a law society, there are always other societies to choose from, these include sports societies (i.e. Tennis, Football, Lacrosse), cultural societies (German and Italian), baking society and muchmore.

When do you know what law you want to specialise in?

First year of law school is learning about the basics of law. This includes learning about your country's legal system, the basics of criminal law and much more. However, since law is a broad subject, not every aspect is covered in your modules and textbook. These aspect can be covered through independant research and wo

What type of law do you study in law school?

As mentioned above, law is a very broad and versatile subject. In first year you begin with the basics such as the legal system, criminal law, and public law. Later in the stages, you move to learning about property law, contract law, public international law, Human Rights law etc. Additionally, there are a wide range of laws that you may want to pursue a career in that may not be part of your universities curriculum. This may include sports law, shipping law, commercial law, maritime law and so on.


October. 30, 2020 

By Harine Raaj


"Welcome to the Law Objective. It is a platform that is designed to provide the community with updates about the legal issues that we are currently facing. Whether you are a law student, prospective law student, a practising lawyer or someone who has no knowledge of law, we are here to simply law for you."


—  Harine Raaj, Founder

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